How to Complaint Against Insurance Company

If you are unhappy with your insurance company you can do below to make a complaint against insurance company

  • Approach the Grievance Redressal Officer of its branch or any of office you deal with.
  • Send courier or email your complaint in writing along with the necessary supporting documents eg email or any other conversation for issue, policy copy etc
  • Note down or ask for written acknowledgement of your complaint with date

Click on below links for email ids of Grievance Redressal Officers, GRO, of all life and non life insurance companies

The Insurance Company should entertain or deal with your complaint within 15 days.

  • If that does not happen or if you are still unhappy with their solution you can:
  • - Approach the Grievance Redressal Cell of the Consumer Affairs Department of IRDA: - Make use of the Integrated Grievance Management System:
    • Register and monitor your complaint at Integrated Grievance Management System (IGMS) at wesbite
  • Send a letter or fax to IRDA with your complaint:
  • - Make use of the Ombudsman:
    • The Insurance Ombudsman scheme was created by Government of India for individual policyholders to have their complaints settled out of the courts system in a cost-effective, efficient and impartial way.
      There are 17 Insurance Ombudsman in different locations and you can approach the one having jurisdiction over the location of the insurance company office that you have a complaint against.

      You can approach the Ombudsman with complaint if:
      • You have first approached your insurance company with the complaint and
        • They have not resolved it
        • Not resolved it to your satisfaction or
        • Not responded to it at all for 30 days
      • Your complaint pertains to any policy you have taken in your capacity as an individual and
      • The value of the claim including expenses claimed is not above Rs 20 lakh

      Your complaint to the Ombudsman can be about:

      • Any partial or total repudiation of claims by an insurer
      • Any dispute about premium paid or payable in terms of the policy
      • Any dispute on the legal construction of the policies as far as it relates to claims
      • Delay in settlement of claims
      • Non-issue of any insurance document to you after you pay your premium
      The settlement process

      The Ombudsman will act as counselor and mediator and

      • Arrive at a fair recommendation based on the facts of the dispute
      • If you accept this as a full and final settlement, the Ombudsman will
      • Inform the company which should comply with the terms in 15 days


      • If a settlement by recommendation does not work, the Ombudsman will:
      • Pass an award within 3 months of receiving the complaint and which will be
        • A speaking award with the detailed reasoning
        • Binding on the insurance company but
        • Not binding on the policyholder
      • The Ombudsman can also award an ex-gratia payment

      Once the Award is passed

      • You have to accept the award in writing and the insurance company has to be informed of it within 30 days and
      • The Insurance company has to comply with the award in 15 days after that.