Know Cashless Hospital

Basic Cashless Hospitalization information for retail and corporate health or mediclaim insurance policy in Inida

We are trying to help health insurance policy holder to get all information regarding network hospitals in India at one place, for quick search of hospital, TPA, PPN, GIPSA contact details during any medical emergency. All policy holder can easily find state wise hospitals list of cashless Preferred Provider Network (PPN), Third Party Administrator (TPA), GIPSA - Preferred Provider Network Hospitals of Public Sector Insurers of any Insurance Companies in india. We are also trying to provide contact address of insurance ombudsmen in case of any dispute with insurance companies & third party administrator in any partial or total repudiation of claims to insurers. Any dispute in regard to premium paid or payable in terms of the policy, delay in settlement of claims, Non-issue of any insurance document to customers after receipt of premium etc can be registered to Insurance Ombudsmen & Grievance Cell of IRDA.

Advantage of cashless hospital india website are

  • Easy navigation for list of all hospitals in India
  • TPA/ PPN network hospitals address list
  • States wise hospitals address list
  • Insurance ombudsmen India list
  • GIPSA - Preferred Provider Network Hospitals of Public Sector Insurers

Future Scope/ Function of website

  • We are working for mobile app
  • SMS integration to get details of TPA/ Hospital list on single click at your mobile number
  • Setting up toll free number for helping in Cashless hospitalization

Any one interested to help us for sending newest hospital list from their insurance companies TPA/ PPN network hospitals list, will be appreciated. Your suggestion & feedback to improve this website is also welcome.


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