Shriram Life Insurance Company

Shriram Group is a financial services corporation founded on April 5, 1974 by Ramamurthy Thyagarajan, AVS Raja and T. Jayaraman. R. Thyagarajan also won Padma Bhushan award in 2013. Shriram group did chit funds business before launching their group business. Some of the group companies of Shriram are - Shriram Chits Tamil Nadu Pvt Ltd, Shriram City Union Finance Ltd., Shriram EPC, Shriram Properties Pvt. Ltd., Shriram Fortune Solutions Ltd., SHRIRAM chits, Shriram Financial Services Ltd., Shriram Housing Finance Ltd., Shriram Asset Management Company Limited., Shriram Foundation., Shriram Capital., Shriram Distribution services., Shriram Venture Ltd., Shriram Equipment Finance Co. Ltd., Shriram Insurance Broking Ltd., Shriram Automall India Ltd., Shriram Industrial Holdings Ltd., Shriram SEPL Composites Pvt. Ltd, Shriram Life Insurance, Shriram General Insurance, Shriram Transport Finance.

Shriram Life Insurance was established in year 2005, by a joint venture between Shriram Group and Sanlam Group. Shriram life insurance has their headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Company has a network of 630 branches across the different cities in India and caters the maximum insurance needs of the customers. The major key focus area of the Company is ruler market and serve mostly the economically weaker section of the society. Under the various plan, maximum tenure of the policy ranges up to 25 years and the eligibility criteria ranges from minimum 18 years to maximum 65 years.

Insurance Plans offered by Shriram Life Insurance are

  • Child Life Insurance Plans
  • Term Life Insurance Plans
  • Pension Life Insurance Plans
  • Investment linked Life Insurance Plans (ULIP)
  • Combi Life Insurance Plans
  • Endowment Life Insurance Plans
  • Group Life Insurance Plans
  • Micro Life Insurance Plans
  • Savings Plans
  • Women Life Insurance Plans