Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company

Its a joint venture between two leading public sector banks - The Bank of India, Union Bank of India and the largest life insurance Company of Japan Dai-Ichi Life entered. Provider of Insurance solution in country with a wide range of insurance plans to the customers. Star Union Dai-Ichi Life Insurance have large number of customers and clients across the country from economic and social background. The Company pledge a long term commitment towards their buyers and have earned trust over long years.

The bonding of three leading financial service provider, makes the SUD life insurance plans suit the protection needs of larger masses of Indian Population. With over 1564 branches and the trust of 64 million customers.

The various products offered by Star Union Dai-ichi offers its multiple plans for Individual customers are.

  1. Child Plans
  2. Protection Plans
  3. Saving Plans
  4. Wealth Plans
  5. Retirement Plans
  6. Pension Plan
  7. Credit Life Plan
  8. Term Plan